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The 'Rhubarb Talks' are a series of seminars by PhD students for PhD students at NOCS.

Upcoming seminars are posted below and cover a whole range of scientific exploits. Talks are held every other Monday afternoon at 4.30pm in the postgrad lounge (node 086) and are accompanied by nibbles and refreshments.

For more info or to volunteer for a talk, please contact The Rhubarb Team: Liz (E.Sargent@noc.soton.ac.uk),
Rosanna (R.Greenop@noc.soton.ac.uk), Maike (mjsp106@soton.ac.uk) or Sara (Sara.Cregeen@noc.soton.ac.uk)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

November Talks

Remember remember The Rhubarb Talks in November...

For this month of fireworks, coats and gloves, we have several new and exciting talks lined up for you, with an additional incentive (as if you needed it) ... FREE BEER! (Courtesy of October's PG Pub Quiz winners!)

Monday 5th November
John Dinley: How to find an invertebrate spine. Learn how to do the impossible with polychaetes.
Dave Spofforth: My WHOI Exchange. Dave will be showing us his snaps of the beautiful setting at WHOI and tell us what he got up to over the summer while we all got rained on.

Monday 19th November
Thanos Gritzalis - tbc
Sarah Murty - tbc


To start off the new academic year's Rhubarb Talks, we had two new speakers:

Monday 8th October
Raquel Arzola: Isis' Summer Outing

Raquel showed us snaps of her latest cruise aboard the new ship James Cook, where NOCS' new ROV, Isis, was used to explore mud volcanoes and submarine canyons off west Iberia.

Monday 22nd October
Kate Larkin: The British Council's Exchange Programme to Japan

At her talk, Kate described her experiences when she spent 2 months at JAMSTEC, the Japanese Centre for Earth and Ocean Science, including fish markets, tea ceremonies and foraminifera picking...