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The 'Rhubarb Talks' are a series of seminars by PhD students for PhD students at NOCS.

Upcoming seminars are posted below and cover a whole range of scientific exploits. Talks are held every other Monday afternoon at 4.30pm in the postgrad lounge (node 086) and are accompanied by nibbles and refreshments.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Previous rhubarb speakers....

In an effort to try and archive all the previous rhubarb presentations, here's a list of those of you that have already given a talk.... If you find yourself not on the list drop us an email at .

The WUN Exchange: Research Opportunities in Other Countries (20/11/2006)
Phil Wallhead

One Step Closer to Insanity and a Complete Section of Oceanic Crust: Tales from the IODP Expedition 309 (20/11/2006)
Chris Smith-Duque

Calcium content of marine invertebrates (6/11/2006)

Confessions of a PhD student: A tale from the other side (6/11/2006)
Chris Rowan

Observational Oceanography (23/10/2006)
Dave Poulter

3 weeks of fieldwork in the Venice Lagoon (23/10/2006)
Alice Lefebvre

Our second home, being on a research cruise explained (9/10/2006)
Hugh Venebles

Monitoring the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (9/10/2006)
Jo Hopkins

Paleomagnetic analysis of Deep Western Boundary Current flux variations in the North Atlantic (21/9/2006)
Sallly Hunter

Structural evolution of the western Gulf of Corinth (21/9/2006)
Rebecca Bell

Lateral spreading within the Storegga Slide: Form, process and evolution (7/9/2006)
Aaron Micallef

AMMA 2006: Crossing the Atlantic (7/9/2006)
Chris Jeffery

3D-Chirp (24/7/06)
Mark Vardy

Following the Palaeoequator in the equatorial Pacific (24/7/2006)
Kirsty Edgar